Equal parts drama, documentary and social experiment,

FAMISHED reveals a view of the relationships

we develop with and around food and the often

convoluted ways we seek to satisfy our essential hunger.

“My hunger comes on fast….like, I haven’t even finished eating and I am already planning the next meal.  If  I don’t it bugs me that I’m not sure when it’s going to come.  I experience it in my belly as a gnaw, a hole, a spot.  My whole body is like one giant nerve ending and the slightest thing causes me to lose my patience.  My last little reserve of  humanity is gone.  I lose my place and my feet on the ground.”

Please keep checking back to see updates, new videos, and to check the progress of this project.  We will be adding more and more as we continue to develop this project over the summer of 2011 and beyond. 

The FAMISHED workshop/lab is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and developed by Taproot Productions.


2 responses to “

  1. Kathleen Barnebey

    Need actors for your staged reading on 8/21? Would love to participate.

    • At this point we are fully cast, but we’d love to have you participate in one (or all!) of the events. The input we receive from participants vitalizes the process helps us shape the script.

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