“When I’m hungry- whatever I see,

I want, even if I don’t like it. 

I like everything better when I’m hungry.”

FAMISHED is an interactive theatrical documentary derived from dozens of interviews and performance-based interaction with audience/participants on the rituals, ethics, rules, traditions and sheer pleasures of eating and sharing food.  The storyline maps the complex and often hilarious dynamics of a family in the ways they nourish or deprive themselves and their relationships, and is punctuated by interviews recorded through the development of the project.

Audience members are invited to contribute to the play’s evolution, as sections of each performance are improvised from audience prompts and audience responses to our intriguing food-related installations.

“Usually my hunger is related to boredom. I’ve been known to eat, shop, have sex…  This means I’m never really satiated, only fooled.  I do not however, ignore it.”

FAMISHED digs deep into issues such as food cravings, cooking for others, sneak eating, using food as medicine and the nature of desire as it is expressed in what and how we eat (or don’t eat).

The FAMISHED workshop/lab is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and developed by Taproot Productions.


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