Click Here to read a review of FAMISHED

by Marty Hughley of The Oregonian regarding

the installations at PCS’ JAW 2010

“Eugenia, you and Megan and all your wonderful, generous actors really hit a home run today. I visited every station this afternoon and loved every segment of it. Reese’s fun band in the background also added a refreshing frisson, and I loved that all these people piled out of Rob’s reading and your piece was in progress — a very exciting afternoon! Many, many thanks.” – Mead Hunter

“… (Referring to JAW 2010 at PCS) I was also able to catch some of the more interactive/off the wall festivities this weekend. Upon leaving the the theater I was greeted by several theatrical installations that were already in motion throughout the Armory’s lobby. These were setup by Eugenia Wood and Megan Ward as part of what they are calling Famished/The Works, “an interacitve installing concerning how and why we eat”. The installations included, a Sunday dinner station where you could sit and discuss with fellow strangers memories of family dinner. There was also a video confession booth where attendees of JAW 2010 could tell all their gritty secrets about food and eating. And then there was my favorite, Our Lady of Insatiable Hunger that featured Portland darling Jessica Wallenfels, in a glamourous white gown, and surround by mountains of food, that we as participants in the interactive piece could feed to her. Needless to say, it got pretty ugly. Hats off to Wood and Ward for going balls to the wall with their vision. The Armory is a bit of mess right now as I’m bringing this post to a close. But people seem to be having a wonderful time at the theater…”

– Noah Dunham for The Portland Mercury, Sunday, July 25, 2010

“You’ve got a great script/ story going there. I love your dialog. Raw. Fresh. Foodie. : )”

Click here to listen to Eugenia Wood’s August 2, 2011 interview with Dmae Roberts about FAMISHED on KBOO’s Stage and Studio.

The FAMISHED workshop/lab is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and developed by Taproot Productions.


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